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The Forgotten Street


May 1st, 2012 Posted 1:13 pm

As part of our literacy preparation for the SATS we have been looking at creating imagery for settings and characters. We looked at some of the images made by L.S. Lowry (a celebrated local artist) and then tried to write about our chosen image. Here is some of our work.

100 Word Challenge – Sorry I couldn’t Blog.


April 25th, 2012 Posted 2:32 pm

Your task is to write exactly 100 words to explain why you can’t write 100 words to explain… You get the picture. It can be serious or it can be as silly as you would like to make it. It could include no internet; meeting aliens; the dog lacking quality food… Anything!

It must include the words, ‘I’m sorry but’.

100 Word Challenge – Easter


April 9th, 2012 Posted 9:12 pm

It’s true that I needed to add another 100 word challenge so here goes. This one is going to be totally random; it’s not linked to any particular topic we’re studying. Perhaps I’ll post another in a couple of days that will link to our topic for the Summer term. Remember, you can write anything that you like but it must include the following words:

‘I opened the door and stepped inside.’

Literacy Homework – 100 Word Challenge


March 21st, 2012 Posted 1:23 pm

This week we have been looking at persuasive language. Furthermore, we always set homework. Consequently this homework seeks to combine your recent literacy study with our 100 Word Challenges in order to provide you with opportunities to rehearse your skills.

As a result of this combination, your task is to produce 100 words either FOR or AGAINST homework.

Remember, you must try to state your opinion effectively, using emotive language, before giving evidence to support your point of view. Also seek to use good quality formal connectives see examples above in italics.

The words that must be in the prompt this week are, ‘I think homework’.

Good luck

100 Word Challenge – Manchester in the Rain


March 14th, 2012 Posted 1:00 pm

At school we have been looking at narrative writing (stories), so this week our 100 word challenge is write an extract (part of a story) inspired by this picture.

The photo is of a traffic warden trudging through very heavy rain in Manchester. Try to include some brilliant details that put the character firmly in the setting.

e.g. Rubbing at her ankles, Joan’s soaking boots slapped hard into the deep puddles beneath her, sending explosions of rain water up onto her socks and trouser leg.

A few details about the character’s feelings toward the situation would also be very welcome.

Have fun.

What are you fibbing at the weekend?


March 10th, 2012 Posted 11:43 am

I’ve used this idea before. Many of you are up to all sorts of wonderful activities this weekend: clubs, parties, days out… But others have a quiet weekend planned.

Use this post to blog about what you are up to or plan to do, or instead make it up! Fib outrageously, claiming whatever wild events you can imagine.

Literacy homework – 100 word challenge!


March 7th, 2012 Posted 3:30 pm

Over the past couple of weeks we have done an activity which was to do with Micro-Organisms. Our homework this week will be doing the 100 word challenge, imagining that you have been shrunk to the size of GERMS. You have to use the prompt ‘I was suddenly tiny!’ Good Luck and have fun!

Micro Organisms


March 7th, 2012 Posted 12:22 pm

Over the past couple of weeks we were lucky enough to have David Allison, from Manchester University, and some of his students visiting us. They came to teach us about micro-organisms. We learnt that there are three kinds of micro organism: moulds, viruses and bacteria.

We pressed our fingers into a special jelly in an agar plate and these were then taken to the university laboratories where they were stored in a warm place (to encourage the growth of different micro-organisms).

ONe week later the agar plates were returned and we saw all kinds of things had grown.

Micro Organisms (1) on PhotoPeach

MIcro Organisms (2) on PhotoPeach

Space Haiku

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March 6th, 2012 Posted 8:44 pm

We made these videos before Christmas but technology problems prevented me posting them until now.

The essence of Haiku is that you have 17 syllables to describe your subject. The idea is that you describe your subject so clearly that anyone who hears it will know exactly what the subject is.

Consequently, the challenge is for you to watch our video (it’s a compilation of our work) and to blog the subject of each Haiku by saying what you think each numbered video is talking about. HINT: They are all linked to the theme ‘space’.

Good luck.

Space Haiku from craig sumner on Vimeo.

Environmental Week Homework


February 29th, 2012 Posted 1:22 pm

As we have been looking at so many environmental issues this week, your homework is going to be paperless! I’d like you to blog your homework here.

We watched a film last week that showed a possible future where the world is over heating due to global warming. Imagine that you are living in that future. I would like you to write EXACTLY 100 words using the prompt…

‘The heat was unbearable.’

Remember that this must be included in your 100 words.

Good luck.

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